Water Transfer Automation

Patent Pending Technology

Lower Your Operating Costs

Our remote water automation increases your labor productivity by 50% or more. 

Automation reduces vehicle expenses while improving the accuracy of information available to your valuable field personnel.

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Provides Real-Time Information

Reduces down-time

Faster, more accurate trouble-shooting

Streamlined billing and royalty reconciliation

Flow Sync

Continuous Leak Detection

Entire water transfer network is continuously monitoring for leaks

Works in daylight or at night in all weather conditions

Accurately detects leakage rates of 2 bbls/min or greater

Flow Sync

Veteran - Owned

Flow Sync is a veteran-owned oil and gas remote monitoring company. Established in 2018, Flow Sync provides an automated solution to the challenge of manually monitoring multiple field locations at once.

Patent Pending

Our unique technology is patent pending.  We provide a cutting edge solution to a previously manual process which in turn saves money and increases profitability.


Flow Sync

We offer

  • Mobile connected process monitoring and control
  • Monitoring and control of water well production
  • Frac tank level monitoring
  • Camera surveillance of remote location and frac ponds